Remove whitespace, newlines, and tabs from the beginning/end of a string.

Parameters:v (str) – the string to strip.
Return type:str

Return current epoch time in milliseconds.

Return type:int

Get a classname from an object.

Return type:str
cliquet.utils.merge_dicts(a, b)

Merge b into a recursively, without overwriting values.

Parameters:a (dict) – the dict that will be altered with values of b.
Return type:None

Return a hexstring of bytes_length cryptographic-friendly random bytes.

Parameters:bytes_length (integer) – number of random bytes.
Return type:str

Convert string value to native python values.

Parameters:value (str) – value to interprete.
Returns:the value coerced to python type
cliquet.utils.read_env(key, value)

Read the setting key from environment variables.

  • key – the setting name
  • value – default value if undefined in environment

the value from environment, coerced to python type

cliquet.utils.encode64(content, encoding='utf-8')

Encode some content in base64.

Return type:str
cliquet.utils.decode64(encoded_content, encoding='utf-8')

Decode some base64 encoded content.

Return type:str
cliquet.utils.hmac_digest(secret, message, encoding='utf-8')

Return hex digest of a message HMAC using secret

cliquet.utils.dict_subset(d, keys)

Return a dict with the specified keys

cliquet.utils.reapply_cors(request, response)

Reapply cors headers to the new response with regards to the request.

We need to re-apply the CORS checks done by Cornice, in case we’re recreating the response from scratch.


Return the Cornice service matching the specified request.

Returns:the service or None if unmatched.
Return type:cornice.Service

Return the name used when the Cliquet resource was registered along its viewset.

Returns:the resource identifier.
Return type:str
cliquet.utils.build_request(original, dict_obj)

Transform a dict object into a pyramid.request.Request object.

It sets a parent attribute on the resulting request assigned with the original request specified.

  • original – the original request.
  • dict_obj – a dict object with the sub-request specifications.
cliquet.utils.build_response(response, request)

Transform a pyramid.response.Response object into a serializable dict.

  • response – a response object, returned by Pyramid.
  • request – the request that was used to get the response.
cliquet.utils.follow_subrequest(request, subrequest, **kwargs)

Run a subrequest (e.g. batch), and follow the redirection if any.

Return type:tuple
Returns:the reponse and the redirection request (or subrequest if no redirection happened.)
cliquet.utils.encode_header(value, encoding='utf-8')

Make sure the value is of type str in both PY2 and PY3.

cliquet.utils.decode_header(value, encoding='utf-8')

Make sure the header is an unicode string.


Remove potential version prefix in URI.

class cliquet.utils.DeprecatedMeta

A metaclass to be set on deprecated classes.

Warning will happen when class is inherited.